2019 Vegan, Healthy & Organic Costco Haul …WHAT YOU NEED TO GET NOW…plus a little Trader Joe's

2019 Vegan, Healthy & Organic Costco Haul …WHAT YOU NEED TO GET NOW…plus a little Trader Joe's

Hello everyone! In this video you will see what I typically buy when I go to Costco. These are all vegan and mostly organic products. Find out my favorites and a few fun items that are new and I wanted to try! Thanks for watching!!!

DISCLAIMER: The Trader Joe’s Broccoli and Kale salad mentioned is NOT VEGAN! It contains eggs in the dressing and I did not realize this until after this video was posted!

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We are sisters, Taylor and Polly, and we became vegan 🌱for health reasons. We carry a genetic mutation (CDH1) that gives us an 83% chance of developing stomach cancer and 52% chance of developing lobular breast cancer. It has been recommended to us to have a prophylactic gastrectomy and mastectomy 😳. We have opted to instead change our diet to a whole foods plant based diet (vegan)🍎🍆. Eating a clean (organic, non-GMO) diet rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, we feel, may prevent that “trigger” that turns our mutation on. We are of course being screened for cancer annually and are enrolled in study at the NIH ✈. We are not Dr’s and are going against the advice of our Dr’s but feel this is the best choice for us given our family history 👭. If you have been diagnosed with a genetic mutation please seek the advice of experts. We welcome you to follow along with our health and fitness journey. ❤️️

★ Link to our “CDH1” story:

Thanks for watching!!!

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