Honey | Honey Benefits | 2 Minute Health Food Hacks

Honey | Honey Benefits | 2 Minute Health Food Hacks

Find out everything about HONEY BENEFITS in this video. The benefits of honey is amazing.

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The Best Honey

Honey is produced by honeybees of the Apis genus from the nectar of several varieties of plants.

What’s even more interesting is that Evidence from a cave painting in Valencia, Spain, shows us that honey has been hunted for at least 8000 years!

A long time! Just like its shelf life! Since, Most microorganisms don’t grow in honey, sealed intact honey won’t spoil, even after thousands of years.


1.) Burns.
Applying honey preparations directly to burns has been seen to improve healing.
2.) Coughing.
Taking a small amount of honey at bedtime appears to reduce the number of coughing spells in children age 2 years and older.
3.) Mouth Sores.
Rinsing the mouth and then slowly swallowing honey before and after radiation therapy seems to reduce the risk of developing mouth sores.
4.) Wound healing.
Applying honey preparations directly to wounds or using dressings containing honey seems to improve healing.

Everything else its used for needs more reliable evidence. Check those out here.

Honey has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antitussive, and antioxidant effects. But it isn’t for everyone due to:


The bacteria that reproduce using spores, sometimes remain in honey. Infants under 12 months can’t remove these spores from their body like the rest of us can, which is why they can’t have any.

Here is who should watch out for honey

1.) Diabetic
2.) Taking Phenytoin or Dilantin
3.) Honey derived from rhododendrons, azaleas, and mountain or sheep laurels.

They contain acetylandromedol and other grayanotoxins, that are classified as “mad honey” which can cause a number of different heart problems, so keep an eye out and question where your honey is coming from!

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